Art for the environment

Artistic events to raise public awareness

Created in 2016 in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, the aim of the Nereus Arts Association is to organize Artistic & Cultural Events to help make the general Public more aware of the constant threat to our environment on both a local (existing protected sites within the Littoral/ Mediterranean Area) and International level. These events are to help raise funds for ‘Public Awareness’ Campaigns.


Our ambition is that by using the Arts, we can encourage the General Public to both protect our existing natural heritage and also to leave behind a legacy that will help to preserve in some way the natural beauty of our planet for future generations.
We believe that if the Arts are capable of illustrating the beauty of our environment with its inexhaustible source of natural inspiration, it can also uniquely touch everyone’s conscience, spark a positive reaction, provoke debate and hopefully assist with finding the solutions to environmental issues that currently concern our Planet.


The Association has chosen to symbolically place its actions under the protective arm of the Greek Mythological figure of Nereus, a son of the Ocean & Earth. This Marine God is portrayed as a peaceful, wise amphibious man who was noted for his sense of justice and reason.